intauria | hub

intauria | hub - a software platform that gives you the power to design the application of your choice.

We will provide a new concept for information management. This concept will primarily ground on our cloud service intauria | hub.

You will be able to create information structures, workflows and applications without technical knowledge as easy as working with a spreadsheet software.

You can start quick and small without losing flexibility to implement new information structures and features later, so that your application can grow in relation to your demand.

Read about the features of intauria | hub.

What you need.

Align your information as you need it (Alignment), benefit of an intuitive user interface (Usability) and change your software instantly as it is necessary (Instant change).


Information is valuable for you if it is organized the way you need it. We support you to bring your information in order to get the most out of it, while being flexible to rearrange it when it necessary for you.

Decide if it makes sense to create a new information structure or if you would like rely on predefined structures and expand or reduce them until it is appropriate for you.


Our big aim is to provide a software for you that is intuitive and easy to handle. You will be able to input your information easily and it will be a matter of your choice how far you want to go. Nevertheless there will be advanced options in case you need to setup up the platform in detail by yourself or supported by others.

Instant change

A lot of excellent software products have a common issue: as soon as your requirements change, you have to initiate a minor or major change process to align the software to your needs. Business users often wonder why a software is not as flexible as a spreadsheet software and IT engineers definitely know the answer.

We will combine both perspectives: you will be able to add new fields and structures to your information structures and apps instantly − just like with a spreadsheet tool − and intauria | hub will still ensure that the data integrity and security keep consistent.

You will have the possibility to add new workflows or business logic either within the platforms standard features easily or in case of more complex requirement a software engineer can develop extension modules.

Where you need it.

Access your information immediately with any device (Accessibility) and integrate external sources to use intauria | hub as your central place of information (Integration).


Often information is presented in a way that supports devices with a certain screen resolution only. intauria | hub is accessible form any device no matter if you use a desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone − all your information will be presented appropriately and without limitations because of the screen resolution.

Later on we will also support offline features to support your mobile work scenarios without online connectivity.


intauria | hub shall be the place where your can combine all your necessary information − no matter where it comes from. You will be able to collect predefined social media content as well as you align your personal information entered manually.

There will be a variety of options to integrate information via standard interfaces including social media, email, spreadsheets, web services, databases, etc.

How you need it.

Transform your information to support you best (Transformation).


Information is not always structured the way you need it. Therefore we will offer a transformation engine to support the conversion.

Think of several spreadsheet documents, which all contain certain information of value that shall be combined, rearranged and formatted like you need it. This process may be triggered automatically as all necessary documents are available. The result can be used to notify defined recipients, generate other documents or post results to your social media channel after your approval.

When you need it.

Share your information automatically and get notified when it is useful (Distribution).


All the information integrated to intauria | hub can be used to distribute it to other people or systems. Events may get triggered by changed information, by time or manually to notify you or other defined recipients.

The distribution channels will include email (newsletter), tasks, social media messages, smartphone push notifications, etc. and it will be possible send plain text or define common file formats as target for auto generated exports.

Who it needs.

Use your information to keep in touch with your family and friends and work with your colleagues on shared information (Collaboration), while you can trust in a security engine that protects your information and manages the access levels for all users (Security).


Structuring information within documents (spreadsheets, presentations, text documents, etc.) makes sense for final results, but limits the ability to work with them − especially in teams.

Our platform makes collaboration possible, so that concurrent information access is possible, without the risk of unintended overwriting of data. If needed results can be transformed and distributed so that defined recipients receive automatically generated documents. No matter if you share personal information with your family and friends or you work on a business project with your colleagues − intauria | hub supports all kind of collaboration.


We put our focus on data protection. It is a major subject for us to give you the level of security you can trust in.

We will offer you a security engine, where you can decide in detail which part of your information is accessible for which people. While some parts may only be relevant for you and shall therefore only accessible for yourself, other parts are also intended for your family, while you also work with information that is important to collaborate with your colleagues at work.

intauria | hub will give you the possibility to organize these security options easily and to monitor whether all settings are appropriate.

To protect very sensitive information that are relevant for you only, we will give you an even more advanced option: you can decide to protect this kind of information in a way, that even a system administrator responsible for the database engine will not have the ability to access your information unencrypted without the correct password.

If you need more.

Add custom logic and new features with extension modules (Expandability) and benefit from ready to use apps that you can find in intauria | store.


Our aim is to provide a service that is useful for everyone − not only for users with advanced technical skills. A big variety of standard features are available for you to handle your information and build custom apps without any programming. If you need any advanced business logic or additional features Sematic Hub offers the possibility to connect extension modules. A software engineer of your choice can develop these modules to integrate your custom features.


An integral part our platform will be intauria | store. You will be able to provide your created apps and information structures to the community, either free of charge or fee-based. There will also be a marketplace for software engineers, who are able to develop extension modules and users who demand custom business logic to be implemented.

What this is all about.

Find an overview about intauria | hub's set of features that will make it easy for you to build your custom apps.

Building apps

All the presented features of intauria | hub will give you a solid base to build all the apps that you need to manage your information. You do not need to care about the technical infrastructure or necessarily contract a software engineer for the implementation or change of your app. The integrated security system cares about protection of your information and handles the user authorization. External information may be integrated and transformed easily. The automated distribution of your information is one of the standard features, which allows you and defined recipient to get relevant and personalized notifications as you need them.