Read about our motivation to create a new kind of software that fits your personal and business needs.

We are living in the information age. No matter if we look at our personal or business life: we are surrounded by information everywhere and are used to handle it in various ways.
Social networks benefit from user generated content and business information is necessary to manage our daily work.
You may have the need to rearrange information quickly to get the most out of it and be efficient. But there is always a compromise between the costs of designing or changing a software that handles your information and the quality that this software provides for you and the information management.

We believe that every one of you should have the possibility to structure necessary information in a way that fits best to personal or business needs.
In fact it does not always make sense to structure information in a certain way a software/cloud vendor offers you. Often there is no standard service available that provides the features you need.

We have the vision that each of you can handle all information of interest at one place which is accessible from any of your devices and structured the way you need it. It has to be flexible and simple enough to change as quick as you need and support you as good as possible.

We are convinced that software should make your life easier and solve more problems than it brings you − we know that a lot of us have experienced the opposite.

Let us establish a software platform that we will all benefit from. Watch out for intauria | hub.